EORG (Electronic Oxygen Radical Generation) technology is EOD Europe’s technological solution for direct ozonation of water. EORG devices produce ozone in water utilizing electrochemical reactions, electrolysis. In water, the electrolytically produced ozone is dissolved and remains reactive for tens of minutes.
This aqueous ozone functions in water as an active cleaning substance instead of traditional cleaning chemicals. It breaks and removes dirt and eliminates microbes and biofilms.

Aqueous ozone is suitable for any environment that needs sanitizing. It can be used for general cleaning, improving plant health  and productivity, and extending the shelf life of food.

There will be no residues on the cleaned surface and no evaporation of ozone into surrounding air because ozone as the active substance breaks down into oxygen in the water. 

It is advisableto choose asuitable aqueous ozone device based on theapplication,site,and needs.EORG technology solutions are found in a few sizes: A modelthat ozonatesa few litres per batch (EOD MINI) and a model that ozonates up to a hundred litres per batch (EOD MAXI).


NAO technology by Sanzonate™ generates ozone from atmospheric air and feeds it into the water in the form of nanobubbles. Aqueous ozone produced by this technology is called nanobubble aqueous ozone (NAO). NAO is aqueous ozone where millions of microscopic nanobubbles function as another active substance in addition to ozone. The exceptional properties of nanobubbles enhance the removal of dirt and biofilms.

Negatively charged nanobubbles are drawn to impurities due to their positive charge and can enter the small pores and cracks of the surfaces to be cleaned. The bubbles act as peeling granules that remove the dirt by pushing themselves between the surface and the impurity. In addition, the ozone that is stored in the nanobubbles preserves the oxidizing activity in the water much longer than dissolved ozone, for at least a full working day.

Nanobubble aqueous ozone produced by the Sanzonate Aquaflow (10 l/min) and Aquaflow Midi (3 l/min) -devices are a secure choice for the upkeeping of the facility cleanliness as the water can be filled into containers and spray bottles in the morning and used throughout the whole day. Nanobubble aqueous ozone is efficient, and a food-safe sanitizer is to be used in the kitchen and the food production environments.