Stronger plants with nano-oxygen water

With innovative nanobubble technology we are able to bring properties into the irrigation water that support plant health. The added oxygen makes the plants healthier, stronger and more productive.

The healthier growth of the roots improves the plants’ stress tolerance and immunity, reducing crop loss caused by pathogens.

  • Better absorption of nutrients
  • Growth is accelerating
  • The yield improves
  • The use of pesticides and fertilizers decreases
  • Reduces crop loss

Oxygen-enriched irrigation water increases the natural vitality of plants

Ecological, safe and effective method of cultivation


Nano-oxygen irrigation water maintains the natural well-being of plants, which reduces the need for plant protection agents and thus the chemical load on waterways and soil.


Exposure to harmful plant protection substances is reduced. With an organic and chemical-free process, we produce cleaner and healthier food.


With nano-oxygen technology, production efficiency improves as the yield increases and energy consumption decreases. The enrichment of water with oxygen is made many times more effective with nanobubble technology.


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EOD Nanoboost