EOD Nanoboost – stronger plants without chemicals

The Nanoboost device increases the amount of oxygen in the irrigation water and makes the plants stronger. The amount of oxygen in the water is increased through nanobubbles.

EOD Nanoboost device adds substantial amounts of oxygen to the water. Part of the produced oxygen dissolves in the water, temporarily supersaturating it. Most of the oxygen is stored as a gas in the nanobubbles, which maintain the high oxygen content of the water.

Nanoboost watering

  • Increased crop growth rate and development
  • Reduced yield loss and increased shelf life
  • Reduced need for pesticides and fertilizers.
EOD Nanoboost device.

EOD Nanoboost Device capacity

The devices can produce oxygenated water 50-800 L/min as needed

Direct effect

  • Enhanced immune system
  • Improved tolerance to stress
  • More roots
  • Better nutrient intake

Indirect effect

  • Better growth rate
  • Reduces pathogen burden
  • Higher yield
  • Greater return

Adding oxygen to the water through nanobubbles promotes root growth. Root growth improves plant stress tolerance and the immune system, which reduces the burden of pathogens. Stronger roots also speed up the absoption of plant nutrients, which speeds up growth and better harvest.

EOD nanoboost and environmental friendliness

Chemical-free alternatives reduce the chemical load on waterways and soil.

The need for transportation and packaging materials is eliminated when using chemical-free technologies produced on site.


Exposure to harmful plant protection substances is eliminated when harmful plant protection substances are replaced with chemical-free solutions.


You can remove the harvest warning times when you switch to chemical-free alternatives, because there is no longer any risk of exposure to harmful plant protection agents.


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