EOD Maxi

EOD MAXI ozonates water 10 l /min in 20–100 litre batches. With EORG™ technology, the electrolytically generated aqueous ozone maintains the disinfecting properties for tens of minutes after which it has returned to regular water. The dissolved ozone returns to oxygen in the water.

Easy and versatile

Aqueous ozone is suitable for surface cleaning, sanitizing, and rinsing of tools and equipment. Aqueous ozone is effective and suitable for improving plant health.The safe, residue-free, and disinfecting aqueous ozone is used from food treatment to plant care, and from animal husbandry environment to cleaning sewers and eliminating odours. 

EOD MAXI can be integrated as part of greenhouse irrigation and washing systems. The generation of ozone into water improves the microbial security of water as it eliminates microbial growth and prevents the sliminess caused by their biofilms.

Technical Specifications


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