Better plant health utilizing innovative nano-oxygen water

EOD’s nanobubble technology reinforces irrigation water with plant strengthening properties. Our safe and ecological solutions maintain natural wellbeing of plants. With improved immunity, plants need less pesticidal support which decreases the chemical burden of waters and ground. At the same time the plants grow faster and provide improved yield.

Plant Health

Plants irrigated with nano-oxygen water grow stronger roots which upgrades their stress resilience and immunity.


Oxygen provided within nanobubbles enhance nutrient absorption and speeds up the plant growth. As the growth is enhanced and the crop losses decrease, the yield improves through the improved plant health.

Carbon footprint

Production efficiency improves and energy consumption decreases with nano-oxygen technology. Our solutions energy efficiently increases oxygen content of water.


Natural wellbeing of plants is maintained by nano-oxygenated irrigation water. It decreases the need of plant protection chemicals and therefore decreases chemical emissions to waters and ground.

Chemical-free EOD-solutions for commercial greenhouses and general cleaning

EOD is a Finnish company who develops and produces innovative applications based on nanobubble technologies and imports devices for chemical-free microbial control and general cleaning.

Become a Distributor for Innovative Nanoboost® Technology in Europe

We are looking for distributors to bring our innovative Nanoboost® oxygen nanobubble generator to the European market.

  • Role of rhizosphere oxygen to plant growth and development

    Low oxygen concentration in the root zone is a growth limiting factor as oxygen is needed in initiation of several vital physiological processes of plants. Amount of oxygen in the growth medium also determines the root orientation and the metabolic state of the root. With insufficient amount of oxygen, plants can decrease their water consumption,…

  • Oxygen content of water in control of pythium and other water molds

    “Low O2 predisposes plants to infection by soilborne pathogens. For instance, oxygen-deficient soils stress plants and predispose them to infection by water molds such as Pythium and Phytophthora cinnamomi, and O2-deprived roots leak greater amounts of soluble metabolites and ethanol, attracting zoospores.” Nitric oxide function during oxygen deprivation in physiological and stress processes, Isabel Manrique-Gil, Inmaculada Sánchez-Vicente, Isabel Torres-Quezada, and Oscar Lorenzo,…