Health secure and ecological cleaning and productivity to the food chain

EOD®Europe is a Finnish company founded in 2019. We develop and sell technologies that offer chemical-free microbial control in environments with different requirements for the levels of hygiene.

Our mission is to decrease the global chemical burden and carbon footprint by developing and offering chemical-free technologies for a safer and sustainable, and more productive food chain as well as improving sanitation methods.

Ecology -  EOD technologies support a cleaner future. With chemical-free options, the chemical burden of the waters and the soil will decrease. Package material and transportation needs of detergents areremoved with on-site sanitizing technologies.

Health security – Chemical-free cleaning with natural and efficient ways ensures a health secure environment for employees and customers. Microbiologically lower risk levels without any chemical residue swill promote plant and food product safety and shelf life.

Efficiency – With chemical-free sanitation technologies it is possible to intensify cleaning processes, decrease detergent consumption and chemical risks, and reach savings in energy consumption. We aim to help in heightening the productivity of commercial greenhouses and the food industry by improving the hygiene of the production sites, product shelf-life, and plant health.