Chemical-free and efficient cleaning when ecology and health security matters

Aqueous ozone is an ecological option for general cleaning that does not burden the environment nor leave chemical residues behind. Chemical-free cleaning with the natural aqueous ozone ensures healthy and safe surroundings for staff and customers.

On uncleaned surfaces aqueous ozone functions as a disinfecting multipurpose cleaner that removes dirt and eliminates microbes. 

With aqueous ozone all water-resistant surfaces may be cleaned: windows and mirrors, wooden, metal, plastic, and ceramic surfaces, touch and food contact surfaces, floors and sanitary facilities, wall-to-wall carpets, and stains from fabric upholstery. 

Work tools, utensils, and fabric products can also be soaked with aqueous ozone to eliminate stains and odours. Aqueous ozone removes biofilms and eliminate sold detergent residues from surfaces and pipelines.



“At the sports college, we invest in health and ecology. Ozone water is a great way to clean. ”

Advantages of cleaning with aqueous ozone:

Property – The facility's overall microbial level will decrease. Residue-free cleanliness improves the air quality and appearance of the premises. Residue-free cleaning will not make the floors slippery.

Employee – Safe aqueous ozone is ready to use multipurpose cleaners for all kinds of surfaces, which eases the cleaning tasks. Aqueous ozone improves work safety and minimizes the number of sick leaves due to chemical exposure. Chemical management will get easier, cleaning work gets more efficient, initiation of new employees will be faster, and risks of human error will decrease.

Employer – Detergent consumption will decrease, use of work time will get more efficient, amount of sick leave decrease, and work environment will improve. 

Environment – The carbon footprint of sanitation and the chemical burden on nature will decrease. Water and packaging material consumption will decrease so that the transportation of chemical packages is reduced to a minimum.

For general cleaning, we suggest the Sanzonate Aquaflow and the Aquaflow Midi devices which produce nanobubble aqueous ozone on demand. Suitable application environments are for example public facilities, shops, restaurants and kitchens, exercise facilities, schools and kindergartens, accommodation services, and social and health care services.


"I consider it very important from a safety point of view that we strive to be as chemical-free as possible."

“I kept my promise and stopped using cleaning agents at work. Among other things, the pool of the hand sanitiser dispenser and the base of the bottle return machine are places that have traditionally been hard to clean, the former in particular has been practically impossible to clean despite soaking and rubbing. Not anymore. In addition, washing an orange juice machine, for example, is convenient with this water. ”